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My account has been temporarily disabled for id verification

Please who else has got his account temporarily disabled due to ID verification and how did you resolve it?

I appreciate every idea.



If you type “account disabled due to ID verification” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

If these are unhelpful suggest you contact Customer Support.


I once had the issue… Get in touch with CS and be very polite in your write up. They will give you another try

I haven’t gotten my account taken down, but I’d assume the notice had information about how to proceed - the “temporary” implies that Fiverr is waiting on you to do something they told you to do. So read it, do what they ask (probably scanning an ID card or something, if I had to guess) and wait for them to respond.

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Please how long did it take you?

Then you should upload your ID card to continue using the website.

I need a National ID card. It takes a while to be able to get it here but I’ve started the process, Hope it won’t affect me? The timing?

He won’t be allowed do such though he will still be able to login

Till he contact CS, I’m afraid the account will stay that way

What fiverr team demands from you, only the ID card?

He will contact fiverr customer support department ASAP.

same experience here! but the problem in my situation i already uploaded my passport until now no update. i also contact CS but unfortunately they cannot give answer what is going on and i don’t know what to do next.

Do you have any idea how long it will take to enable my account again?

What you are facing share exactly with customer support @joeywrites

the CS reply to me yesterday, they told me that they cannot do anything for my disabled account and all i can do is to wait. i’m just wondering who will troubleshoot out problem?
. how sad.

My account has been temporarily disabled and is being looked into by the Trust and Safety Team. Please what does this mean?