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My account has been temporarily disabled MID verification purpose.

Hello, **My account has been temporarily disabled on the last 17 September 2020. Today of ID temporary disability is running on 26 days.

17 September days ago I have received a notification to verify NID And I submitted my NID 3 times.

Then my account is temporarily disabled.

I have contacted Fiverr customer support experts 2nd times They told me to wait 10 days. The first time no problem was solved. So the second time I was forced to communicate. Then they again told me to wait 10 days. But I am not getting any solution.

What should I do? Someone help me, please.

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Have you fixed or chance to Reactive your account ?
Because same happen with me.

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I talk to the Fiverr Help & Support team and they give me one more chance. I take advantage of the opportunity and my account has been reactivated.

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Hello, can you let me know how you complete the process of the photo verification ?
because last time i have done 3 times to upload the live photo of the id card on 1st step and on 2nd step there is not written to take a selfie there is written to 2nd backend of the id card… i have do this process.

i confused where to take the selfie photo upload… i have read many forum and blog there is written to upload selfie photo.

and some forum i read to upload the photo from gallery scanned photo id.

plz tell me how you done the process ?


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