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My account has just been banned after 8 years of career building

My account which got 1500+ customer feedback with overall rating of 4.9/5 has just been permanently disabled. I’m absolutely aware that violating TOS gets your account disable, Please read!!

First of all, I want you to know that fiverr doesn’t owe me any $ in my account. I could complete the last active order and wait until I withdraw my earnings before being permanently disabled.

The story is: I received 3 fiverr warnings:

1- Your account was flagged for feedback manipulation.
The sentences I always use in my delivery " Please don’t close the order if you are not %100 happy with the delivery, You can request revisions at any time. "

I didn’t contact CS for this warning, I could have done but they will never support you as a seller, I believe.

2-The logo design that you’ve uploaded to Fiverr’s Logo Maker has been flagged by our system for not being original or for being offered for sale outside of Fiverr.

I contacted the custom support to concern about this and that the logo is %100 original and never been sold outside. As mentioned, they will never support you as a seller but they got me a 3rd warning and temporary restriction for my account!
Yes, The third warning warning I received after contacting support was for the same logo!
The third warning warning I received after contacting support was for the same logo!
The third warning warning I received after contacting support was for the same logo!

I’m here to advise all of you guys using fiverr for too long and has a great portfolio and customer feedback.

Your account is not as a valuable business as you think! It’s not a business at all…It’s just one mouse click from a fresh graduate can make you loss 8 years of work.

Avoid contacting customer support.


So sorry to hear this happen to you.


Can you please show us a logo in question that you posted on logomaker?


The logo is somehow similar to aribnb icon but flipped. It’s not it, It’s the same concept treating with the letter V instead of A. Mine is even more professional.
It’s not the only problem, I have accepted to be warned on it once considering the above. But why twice?

Fiverr logo maker is still in beta, couldn’t they just accept or reject the logos instead of warning and banning? I think the system sucks.



Thank you! I hope it will never happen to any of you guys, It’s really bad.


Oh come on. It’s the same blooming logo.

You can’t have created that not knowing that it looks like an upturned Airbnb logo.

Close the door behind you.

Here, let me have a go:

Oh look! I’m a logo designer!


I realized it’s similar and accepted it to be rejected/denied or even be warned for it once not spam warnings to find a reason for a ban.


Well, al; least I now know not to upload my Wyoming burger restaurant logo on the Fiverr logo maker. :roll_eyes:


Lol you must be kidding


Are logo designers allowed to use logo’s from the “fiverr logo maker” on their gigs, just curious. Btw I’m not a logo designer, just curious?

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How did you know it was like the airbnb logo?

It sounds like you already knew that before you did yours.

And to then upload it to the fiverr logomaker of all places? It just seems odd to me. It sounds a bit self destructive.

Anyway I’m sorry it happened to you!


If I did know, I wouldnt upload it.
I discovered that after receiving the warning.
Still its not a strong reason for a perm. ban is it?

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I don’t sit in judgement, or try not to at least, but I can see fiverr’s side of it to be honest.

It must be hard to always keep coming up with unique logos when there are so many of them out there already. And I’m not sure how you would check anywhere to make sure yours hasn’t already been done.

My takeaway from this for other logo designers is to not upload any of your logos to fiverr’s logomaker just to be safe.


Hi, Fell bad to hear that.! But you share your experience, that will be really helpful for other.
Stay home and be seaf…!


Thanks for what you feel.
It’s not easy but It’s doable. I wouldn’t have %98 of positive feedback from more than 1000 clients if I don’t generate new ideas.
The trust and safety should judge sellers for real clients’s feedback. A client would never post a 5 stars if he’s unhappy! Even if you ask them to…


Thank you, It’s why I’m posting here. I want people to watch out.

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I am a professional logo designer as well – for over 15 years in fact. The odds of accidentally creating a logo so incredibly similar to such a popular, well-known, unique logo are astronomical. You would have to have, indeed, seen the airbnb logo in order to create the flipped duplicate. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in the logo design world, and not expect the owner of the original logo to object. They do have a trademark case, and Fiverr’s action seems fair. There is a clear and undeniable connection between both logos.

Like I said, the similarities to the airbnb logo are uncanny, and do appear (to the rest of us) to be a flipped copy. The original logo is incredibly unique. A good logo designer needs to know the designs that are already out there, in order to avoid replicating them.


You accepted it to be rejected due to it being similar to a well known logo already in use? I think you must have been subconsciously tired of working on fiverr. Or you had seen the other logo and then forgot you saw it.

To be honest, I don’t see this fact after watching some.

There’s a connection, It’s %100 similar. but if the action seems fair to you, then you are defending fiverr for some reason maybe.

[quote=“jonbaas, post:18, topic:433165”]

OK I see it, I know it, and I copied it at the worst case. fiverr warned me once and the logo was denied. Isn’t enough? You can’t believe I don’t remember what happened while designing this logo.

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Yes, i think the best way is to contact customer support - they usually reply within 12 hours. and good luck!