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My account is being hacked!

Hello. My Fiverr account has been hacked twice in the past two months… I’ve already lost over $400.

Even though I’ve changed my password twice, the hacker still gain access to my account. They also withdraw to my payoneer and hack that as well, transferring the funds to their own accounts.

I’m confused, I’ve changed passwords and even email address on payoneer, yet, the hacker still finds a way to withdraw my funds.
I’ve asked CS to unlink my payoneer from my Fiverr for now and disable withdrawals…but I fear the hacker would strike again once i link it back.

Please what do I do? Any help or tips?

Looks like the hacker is inside your PC " patching it " Knowing every new password you change, keylogging you, watching your cam, uploading and downloading from your pc.

You need a fresh copy of windows at first.

Then think about changing information.


Thank you so much. Youve been very helpful. I’ll do that.

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Hackers can’t steal from your account on fiverr let me explain why
They can’t transfer to your payoneer account as you need to confirm transaction from your email and even if you confirm that takes at least 24h to transfer money to your account. In this case you need to contact with payoneer customer service to change your card and cancel transaction. They can’t withdraw your funds from atm if they don’t have your payoneer card physically they can make online purchases but you can cancel that purchases if they use some dark casino type websites to withdraw I think payoneer with message you and ask for your permission to make that transfer if the website is legal you can track the address where your funds went. I think someone make copy of your payoneer card and stealing money from the card you should contact with payoneer

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yes make sure to scan you pc, because someone attach device with your pc that give your all information to hacker, then direct urgent contact with payoneer and fiverr customer support. Give you the best way

how it could be possible?

Someone just make a photo of card or write down the numbers on it and cvv code. Do you ever make online purchase? what you need to make online payment? just a card number and cvv? I think it’s easier than to hack mail, fiverr and bank account :slight_smile: which is not possible in real life but only in movies

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yeah its difficult and much effort in this work, yeah this could be us in movies easily not this its more, but right now he said this situation is in real life. what you said?

The PC can be infected with different type of malware or maybe it’s cellphone ? why you think that information could be stolen only from PC? but even if you have the password and all the information you need you can’t make a purchase immediately it takes time and you can always cancel the purchase or contact with the bank or wallet service and disable account after format computer install new windows install good antivirus. All accounts have phone recovery option and accounts also have security questions there is many ways to stay protected simply install antivirus at first

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yeah you alright cellphones maybe, yeah the online purchase will also cancel take sometime,and the hacker is going to other way and purchase more further things, yes but at that time every procedure take time include bank and other services, but make sure keep safe and update our system and stay protected.