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My account is closed for no Reason


Today when I wake up in the morning. I received message. “Your account is no longer available”

I was shocked why this happened to me. I am(was) Level 2 seller and working with honesty from 2 years. I received this message.

"Our system has brought to our attention irregular activity originating from your electronic location. After further review, we noticed that you have abusing the referral program by spamming users, so we’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service”

Fiverr is my only source of income. My father was died 2 years ago and I’m the only hope of my mother. I can say that “Fiverr is not reliable and secure”

Never adopt fiverr as a main source of income. Always use fiverr as a part time job. They can ruined your life whenever they want for no reason.

Hello, I’m sorry this happened to you. There are tales every day on the forum of sellers who have gotten their accounts banned for violating the Terms of Service.

It is not fiverr’s fault that this happened is it? It is not fiverr who ruined your life but simply not playing by the rules which caused this unfortunate turn of events.

You spammed people. You did this to yourself. Now you’re seeking pity leveraging dead relatives while denying personal responsibility in all of this. I am sure your mother believes your self-pity, but I bet if you told her the whole story she’d clap you around the head for being an idiot, especially as the main provider for your family.

But you’re not going to do that and instead whine on the forum instead. Good job! Good luck finding a new source of income–and do remember not to mess it up this badly next time.

So you broke the rules, tried to make a quick buck and ended up shooting off your own foot for $5? Well done. - And good for you for admitting it.

First of all I didn’t spammed people. Someone hired me to hire people for creating accounts job. So, i searched people with the lowest price and hired 10 workers first month and 12 workers on 2nd month. I think they banned my account because I hired people for this task. Honestly, I didn’t know that this is against fiver TOS because I was working as a seller not buyer. SO I don’t know about buying TOS.

You spammed people. You were banned for spamming people. You admit that you spammed people, only “I’m different!”. Not knowing the TOS is not an excuse. You signed up for Fiverr, which means you accepted their TOS and agreed to abide by them. You can theorize about why you were banned, but you have a clear reason from Customer Support: spam.

In conclusion, spam.

Go and eat a spam sandwich, it might cheer you up. Mayo is quite a good condiment to go with it.

You mean It’s illegal to hire people for this job?

I don’t understand, why did you get in trouble for hiring people? Where you sharing your personal e-mail, skype, phone number? That’s not allowed.

There’s one exception, if you write resumes or need them to write your resume for you, then you might have to attach a file that has personal information, but they’re not supposed to call you.

Frankly, I think it’s usually sellers that get in trouble, not buyers. For a buyer to get in trouble he would need to get a lot of complaints, use PayPal to avoid paying for orders he didn’t like, and commit other violations, such as cursing. That’s what I think.

Frankly, I think this is something you need to discuss with customer service, assuming they’re willing to rehabilitate your old account.

I was Hiring people for creating E-mail accounts but I entered instructions in DOC file. I didn’t know that It’s against there TOS.

Just talk to Customer Support and ask what was illegal or what went wrong with that. Ask if what you were doing was considered spam. Ask what specifically got you banned so you will have peace of mind.

Yeah, that seems strange. I don’t think customer service generally opens attachments, but who knows? They might in special circumstances.

Ironically, there are several sellers offering google adsense accounts, e-mail, facebook, so you hiring them doesn’t seem wrong.

Why were you hiring people to create email accounts?
The only reason to hire people to create email accounts is to send spam from them, and you hire people so you do not actually get in trouble yourself and instead let them get in trouble when spam gets sent from the email accounts.

If you hire people to violate the terms of service of a site that does not make it ok.

I tried everything they aren’t replying.

They should have to give Warning before closing people accounts.

Not necessarily. It is your responsibility to know the rules of Fiverr. If you break the rules of Fiverr, or do something against the TOS, Fiverr has every right to ban, restrict or delete your account as they see fit.

This is their site, and these are their rules.