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My account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team ( For Feedback Manipulation )

Hello ,

I am a level 2 seller with over 300 successful order completion .

1st Warning :

  • 1 Month ago , i completed a order without any issues or revision . After completing the order buyer gave me 2 stars saying " Good Work " In the review . Now , i had to ask the buyer why did he gave me 2 stars when there were no issues in the order at all . He said that he was new to fiverr site and did not quite understand the review system . To this i replied that 2 star negatively affects my profile ( I have no negative reviews till now as i make sure to complete all the requirements and provide high quality support ) . I further asked him to please contact customer support and have it corrected . He did contact customer support and then after few hours i did get my 1st warning for feedback manipulation .

  • Then i contacted customer from my side as why did i receive a warning when buyer is not aware of the review system . They told me i tried to guilt the buyer by saying the review affects my profile , they further said that i am allowed to ask why the feedback was given . I stated that i never asked that how many stars i should get , its just 2 stars just because buyer is unaware of the site is quite unfair .

  • I agreed to that and i moved forward with the warning . Will attach all the screenshots for this .

2nd Warning :

  • 3 days back , i got 1 star review by a client after a successful order completion . He stated that his account got banned because of my service , he gave this reason without consulting me or telling me that there is an issue with the account . So , i asked him what happened and then he said that his account got banned due to my service . Google send’s mail on why the account gets banned , i asked him to check those as i know that it would not be due to my service ( Game development is my service ) . After checking ,no where it was mentioned that the account was banned due to my game .

  • After this i just told him that you gave negative feedback without any reason . I only said this , nothing more ( Will attach proofs for this too ) . He apologized and asked me if the review can be deleted / changed . To this , i also replied " I do not think so " . Nothing more than this .

  • After this , he again apologized and then he contacted customer support on his own to change the review to 5 stars . I never asked him to do this .

  • After few hours i get a mail from fiverr that my account is under restriction for feedback manipulation as this is my second warning .

Now , to be clear i have 0 negative reviews other than these 2 . Which would show that i try my best to meet clients requirements and i provide very good support from my side even after order has been completed . I can provide several clients to testify for this .

I contacted customer support for this to find out where did i try to do feedback manipulation and they did not give me an answer or any proof that i did feedback manipulation and told me that their Designated Team will look for an extensive review . They also did not provide any specific time on when the review would be completed .

At a time like this when cannot know how much time it will take for the review . I find it completely unfair as buyer contacts support on his own and you get the warning .

Any help would be appreciated . Also if anyone finds my mistake in this , i would happily accept it .

  • Attached screenshots of both the chats . It may not be in order , so you can check the dates in chat to find the order


You can get in trouble for even mentioning the review to your buyers, and you did it twice.


Please check the chat with customer support first time . He did say that i am allowed to inquire about the review i get .

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How should i ask about the review without mentioning the work " Review "

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He said that, but on the forum, we saw sellers complaining that they got an account warning just for talking about the review (or feedback, or even for asking what was wrong).

The safest route seems to be not to discuss the matter at all.


That is why customer support is there right ? If a person from cs says that you can inquire about the review you get , then i do not think that i am at fault here .

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If a buyer gives you a negative feedback after successful order , i do think we have to atleast what is the issue ?


bro now you can’t do anything
i say really you not get your account back
my old account is also restricted before 20 days from now
but still i am not get my account back
dont make hope you will get your account back
just make a new account and start working on it


The trouble is, one CS agent can tell you one thing, and another one can tell you something different.

If you did it without the permission from Customer Support, it could get banned.


If you have a doubt on something , you ask a cs agent . If a cs agent gives out a wrong information , then i do not think they should be blaming the user for this .

As for new account goes , its against the rules and also i am a level 2 seller with more than 300 successful orders , above 250 5 star reviews and i am nominated for top rated seller . I cannot just create a new account like that . It took me month’s of hard work to reach at this level .

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no you not get banned
if you use another payment account
and another services you provide

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yes you can,t do anything
just wait for it
cs can’t do anything
but contact them
if you lucky then you get back your account

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That’s already cheating a system. And basically telling to him to break a law and just to be careful not to get cought


there’s no need to discuss about the review with your buyers… if they want to give you 1 star for instance that’s that , move on… those are the rules sorry


Yep , That’s right!!

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Try to understand , i do not mind 1 star review if there is a dispute or any other matter . But 1 star without any reason , i am sure you would also ask about it .

Plus , as you can see in screenshots that customer support mentions that i can inquire about the reviews . How is it my fault if i do it after confirming with customer support ?

That is completely off topic and i am not even paying attention to that

You do if you get caught.

if a buyer wants to give you 1 star without a reason it’s his right…belive it or not . you don’t discuss about your reviews with your customers , the rules are very clear when it comes to that

I agree that he can give 1 star . And i do not mind giving him 1 star . Hear me out on what i am trying to say

  • Issue is not with he gave me 1 star
  • I asked customer support , if i can inquire about the review i get . He said " Yes " , screenshot attached
  • Now after discussing , customer found out that the issue was not with my service and he asked me that the review can be changed / deleted ? To which i replied i do not think so and i did not even stretch the matter
  • He went to customer support on his own . I cannot stop that
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