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My account is currently restricted by the Trust & Safety team?


So I was away travelling Europe for three months, only used my Fiverr account a couple of times midway through to earn a bit of cash! Then I get home, log into my fiverr account and this message has appeared ‘your account is currently restricted by our Trust & Safety team’ … I have no clue as to why my account has been restricted! I have never done anything wrong and I haven’t broken any rules! I am a level two seller and all of my reviews are 5 stars. Whilst I was away, I had my account on vacation mode and only turned it on once when I made a little more midway through my travels.

The only problem I can think of is from this one seller. Whilst I turned my fiverr account back off vacation mode, I had a seller buy three or four of my gigs. He bought the gig where I spend one hour talking with him and giving him relationship advise. Every time he bought one, he was very happy with the service and left me 5 star reviews. I then went away on vacation mode again as I knew internet wasn’t going to be possible for fiverr (I was cycle touring Europe). when I got internet again I got an angry message saying ‘okay so im guessing this is as far as it goes. your account is now on vacation, so im going to try and find someone more willing or maybe better said someone more able to help. thanks. see you around!’

I mean surely he can’t of reported me or something? I mean I haven’t done anything wrong ?!


That doesn’t make much sense honestly - Fiverr cannot restrict an account because you were on vacation and couldn’t help a buyer, that’s why there is Vacation mode in the first place.

So try thinking about some other potential problem that doesn’t involve this buyer you were talking about. Maybe it’s something you did that broke the Terms of Service and you didn’t know about (have you read the full TOS page?)

There are also times when hackers try to, well, hack an account and Fiverr automatically restricts access to the account for safety reasons until the owner comes to prove it’s his/her account.

Try contacting Customer Support and see what they have to say about this as it makes no sense to block your account because you were on vacation :smirk: (unfortunately we can’t do much about it as we’re simple sellers and buyers)


Hey :smiley: thanks for your message :smiley: … fiverr CS just messaged me and have unrestricted my account… didn’t give a reason as to why it was restricted though :confused:


Most likely someone tried to log into your account using brute force or smth (happened to me once) and they blocked it as a safety measure to protect your account, so they probably didn’t want to scare you by telling you such a thing.

But then again, I’m just speculating based on the recent increase of hacking attempts :confused:

Well then, happy to hear you’ve got control back to your account :grin:


My account is currently restricted. what should I do now?


Communicate with Customer Support!


There appears to be a hidden code in the posts above yours.
I am trying to decipher it and will get back to you when I succeed.
Hopefully we can figure it out.


Hi Issytravels, what did you ask them while contacting?


Whar should I ask them? I’m afraid if they got offended


Just ask what the problem is, stay away from saying anything like this and they should not be offended.


Well, that depends… Since I don’t know the details. Besides, CS are the folks you need to talk to about this issue. Never tell :lying_face: tall tales, cause it’ll make the situation worse.

Vague information.

Did you commit the offense? If yes, apologize and ask them for forgiveness.

:one: Be very respectful.
:two: Don’t create another account without Customer Support permission.
:three: Be patient the query will take up to 24-48 hours or so.

Contact Support

My final answer! :pineapple:


Really? Spam? Really?


This is laughable


my account is restored now. It was because of sending too many msgs to unresponsive buyer. they considered my msgs as spam


I replied through email


Regardless… please delete the link. Offsite promotional links like that are still spam, and against the forum rules.

EDIT: You didn’t have to delete the entire post… just the link. :wink:


I had no idea It will consider spam


Well, on the plus side, now you know what to avoid if it happens again. :wink:


ok dear thanks :smile::smile:


You’re welcome. But please do not call me dear. You are not my wife.