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My Account is Currently Restricted. Please Help!

Hello! My account is restricted because of General TOS Violation. I believe this happened because of a general query from a client about a transaction in the bank statement. Please check the attached screenshot.

I am an accountant, and the client asked me to modify the description of some deposit transactions in the bank account in the accounting system. And I was asking the client whether should I replace the cash deposit with a Zelle deposit (as a description of a transaction). Even I delivered on the order screen before this message. The client requested a modification and then I asked to clarify the client’s requirements.

I would like to further add that it was actually my first warning. I received an email about the first warning and then at the same time I received another email stating that this is your second warning. There is not a gap of even 1 minute. Please check the attached screenshot of the emails I received. Check the time of both emails (attached here).

If there was anything wrong on my part, please let me know and I assure you that it never happens again. I did not deserve a second warning. I follow Fiverr rules very strictly.

MOD NOTE: Screenshot Removed

So, you changed the amounts in the bank statement? Isn’t that illegal?

Is that legal?

If Fiverr thought that you did something illegal (for example, forge a bank statement), that’s a reason to restrict your account immediately, so you couldn’t keep breaking the law.

On top of that, you asked the client to close the order and leave feedback, which isn’t allowed.


Yeah! I said to complete after the review.

And the modification was related to the description in the accounting system, and not on actual bank statement.

Check this out: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

Cash is cash and Zelle is associated with bitcoin.

Will leave this with you.


Thanks! Yeah, I always follow the rules strictly. But I don’t know what happened this time. I was asking the client to just confirm the description of a transaction, as I’m an accountant. I keep record of their books, and it’s my job to record these accurately. If just a “Zelle” word is mentioned, does it mean I’m asking the client to pay me charges outside Fiverr? Even when the order is currently running on Fiverr.