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My account is currently restricted


anouar370 Wednesday at 12:09

I changed the email of my paypal account
When I want to change account PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS
I received a code on my phone I entered it appears an error message
I have done the opperation until my account is currently restricted by Trust & Safety team …
I sent a message (Customer Support)
About 6 days but no answer
Please help me to solve this problem
thank you

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Unfortunately no here can assist you with this on the forum.

I hope you only created a single ticket with CS. Don’t create multiple tickets.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:

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If your ticket is still marked as open/active, put a note on your ticket to politely ask if they can assist you yet. If the ticket is marked as closed, make a new one and very politely explain that your issue is not yet resolved, explain the issue again (preferably with screenshots) and ask for help again.

Remember that if there is some real problem with the account, CS may require extra information. If your ID on your PayPal doesn’t match the one on your Fiverr account, or if there is an issue with your location (IP address doesn’t match your real location) or you have any other unusual activity on your account, these may be taking longer to assess.

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Thank you my friend for your answer
Yes I created two tickets one for 6 days and the other for 4 days
But what is the problem of creating two tickets

If you created two tickets that were both open and active, Customer Support may have considered this spam.

So how to close the ticket to keep a single ticket
thank you

Ok, I’ve closed both I’m trying to do another
thank you for your reply
I wish you good day

Next time, don’t close both tickets and add another, that’s just a mess. Just close one ticket and leave one open and send a polite note with the open one to ask for an update. Three tickets is a lot to open for one issue when CS was apparently still looking into your situation. I don’t know if you’ll be able to work it out, but good luck.


Thank you for your instruction
I will be using it at the next

Don’t panic, just be patient. Bombarding customer support with multiple :envelope_with_arrow: tickets, for the same issue, is a sure way for them to block you or automatically close your query. Good luck!


Is your phone number in the same country as the one shown on your account?

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hi misscrystal
Yes it is different

That might be the problem then.

But I will receive the verification code

I’m not sure what the problem is but it is my understanding from what I’ve read on the forum that your phone number should match your country. I don’t know exactly how this works, I’m just guessing.

And I already activated the account with this phone number

I thought they just started this a few days ago? Did you activate your account a few days ago? Please let me know the answer to get a better understanding of this.

What country is your phone number in?

I received the message to activate the phone account less than a month
Country united state
Phone morocco
I also do not understand how the account does not accept the code I received to change the paypal account
I closed the tickets that I already send to the support
I made another ticket
And now I’m waiting

So your account is in United States but your phone is in Morocco?


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:When I did the registration I forgot the application to change the ip is open
And the site fiverr made the selection of countries with localization I think …