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My account is dead!


Hi guys,
I am not receiving any orders and inquiries from last 7 days what to do?


Tell your best brain cells that this years muscle beach posturing will have to wait. Then sit down and pull out the intellectual big guns.

Do you sell something which people actually want to buy? - If yes, are you sure?
Are you in an over saturated niche? - If so, do something different.
Create videos for your gigs.
Spruce em up and make em a bit sexy.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do.

Hard Times + Intellectual Big Guns = Sales



Really really sorry to hear that.


New Updates Fiverr is completely stoped sale of many of the old and successful seler , I’m one of them, disaster, I hope this will be solved, Fiverr administration told me to be patient and that they are working on a new update system


same they told me …be patience.


There is too much unfair competition. Low quality at low cost.