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My account is disable i need help

I am new seller I got notification from fiverr to verificy my account, after sending 3 times my ID ang Photo my account was disable.


A disabled account can take up to 90-days to resolve…if it gets resolved.

I’d contact Fiverr CS and discuss alternate means of submitting your ID to verify your account.

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Yes I contacted Fiverr CS hope they will back soon

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Hey if you had issue with verifying your Fiverr ID 3 times…
Just contact CS they will contact you and give you a another change regarding verifying…

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You can contact with Fiverr help & support

Hi Nertila

Thank you for reaching out to me about this.

I understand that you are having a little trouble verifying your ID.

I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket.

Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Sorry to hear this. Fiverr usually takes three months to solve disable accounts’ situations.

Thanks god is resolved my profile is back
You can check