My account is disable, why?


I just try to logged my fiverr account and fiverr say you account is disabled, I think this is a mistake by fiverr. I’m a professional fiverr seller and I run my life with my fiverr earning.

Please reopen my fiverr account as soon as possible. And active my fiverr account soon.
My fiverr account username smmseohelp


Please check attach image too.

I have 430+ positive reviews and that was a amazing fiverr seller account.

I love fiverr very much, and if have make mistake let me know I’ll careful for every term of use next time.

Please help me fiverr support team.

Thanks a lot.


Nobody on this forum has the power to reactivate your account.

You’ll need to contact Customer Service.


ok I’ll contact customer support but is it possible to reactive again?


All depends on what you’ve done wrong!


Do you have multiple account…? fiverr doesn’t allow more than one account. You should be very careful on this. Check your mail fiverr sent you details about this issue!

And on one can reactive your account in this forum.


I have one one account