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My account is disabled for sending spam messages

My account is disabled for spam messages. It says that your message is being reviewed by our Trust and Safety team since it suspected to be spam. Instead of sending the same message to multiple sellers - post a public request. Note: Messaging to advertise your service is not allowed. I have contacted CS and I did not know when they are going to reply me. What should I do? (I am a Seller and I did not get any email from fiverr. I was not sending spam messages. I just contacted multiple other sellers and send a custom order request)


Why you were contacting different sellers? this is spam contacting other sellers or buyer without a reason.

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Most likely you copy pasted same responses to buyer request and got flagged automatically by the fiverr system. You should send uniquely tailored responses to buyers request if at all.

I want the service related to a task that’s why I contacted

Yes I copy pasted the same content but the account is direclty restricted and I have not recieved any email form fiverr

Will I get my account back? If yes, when?

Contact fiver support via email . Apologize and tell them you will not repeat this again and request them to enable the account.

I don’t think so you get your account back…kindly read Fiverr TOS.

What TOS have I voilated? I have not received any email from fiverr yet about the voilation. The message I have written here is copied from the my chat box

if you send same message to different sellers they marked the message as spam.

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Maybe you receive email soon from fiverr

But I was not using it for advertising of my service. I was hiring them for a task and I contacted three sellers

Best thing to do is to wait for CS response… were you offering similar services ?


you cannot contact sellers for hiring them if you are seller too. or asking them to give order or review its against fiverr TOS…
Create your ticket on customer support to ask the reason that why your account was banned.

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Sellers can buy from other sellers. There’s nothing wrong with that. There are numerous sellers on the platform who also operate as buyers.

It could very well be a mistake, depending on how your messages were worded. Hopefully CS can sort it out.


but its against fiverr TOS I don’t think so that this is good for sellers to buy from other sellers…
But asking for a review or order in message is against TOS.
Kindly read TOS to sort out.

He self-promoted his service to other sellers, basically potential buyers.

You are not allowed to do that, it’s against the terms of service. Buyers/sellers can easily flag these messages as spam, and that’s exactly why you have the account disabled now. It’s very frustrating for a seller to receive self-promotion messages from other sellers, when all they want is to connect with a buyer.

I dealt with this issue before and it’s frustrating, it feels like I am forced to buy something I don’t need, not to mention self-promotion is not allowed anyway.

I don’t appreciate someone shoving an offer down my throat without asking. I had a lot of people do this and while I never reported them, I should because they are undermining the Fiverr system to force people to buy from them.

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Where did OP say she was asking for reviews or telling people to buy from her? And I have read the TOS.

It is not okay to contact other sellers/buyers to simply promote your service. If that’s the case here, then a ban is justifiable.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing gigs as a seller when you need a job done. I’ve done it. I know many others who have. There’s even a tab on our profiles to let us know how much money we have spent purchasing gigs.


why not ? Sellers can buy on Fiverr as well

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You can contact sellers for hiring them. What you can’t do is to self-promote your service to a seller and forcing him to buy from you. If the seller is interested, he can buy that stuff from you. Contacting other sellers or buyers to force them to buy from you is against the Fiverr terms.