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My account is disabled for something I did not do


My account is disabled informing me that I violated terms of service for 3rd time asking buyer to change reviews for refunds. But I did that before for 2nd time by mistake ( I did not know) about 1 month ago and then I was warned for it. After that I did not do it again. But today my account was disabled informing me that I did that again for 3 rd time which is not true.

I have excellent feedback with all 5 stars and I am working for about 1 year.

Can you help anybody for me?


I thought it was after two warnings. If you got away with two without getting banned you did better than most.


But I am informed I did it for 3 rd time which is not ture, and the reason of disabling my account is 3rd time violation which is not true as I did not violate for 3rd time.


Even if it was just two times that is enough to ban most people. I’m slightly surprised you did it again after the first warning.


Then why it was not done when I did it for 2nd time? When I violoated for 2nd I was warned. It was about 1 month ago. Why am I informed I violated for 3rd time? Why did they give wrong information?


It doesn’t matter. You are banned now and you were warned, but did it again. What did you expect?


@skchy_bd you just joined Fiverr this month and you broke the ToS twice already. I agree with @misscrystal, you were very lucky to have not had your account disabled the first time. How many reviews did you have before it was disabled?

Like you, we are mostly sellers. Only CS can help you. If you get your account back read the ToS :arrow_right: and better luck next time.


I think I am not clear, after warned I did not do it again. They banned me for vilation which I did not do


I am sorry it is my another id, as I can’t submit topic with my old banned id


They banned you for twice asking someone to change their review in exchange for a refund.


I am sorry, I think I can’t be cleared to you. I asked once to change review for refunds. But they are saying I did that for 2 times, which is not true


Ask customer support why you got banned after just doing it once then.


I just asked once to change reviews about 1 month ago, after that I did not do it agian. They warned for that


They told, they wont reply any more regarding it.


No - your account’s gone - you’ve got a new one.


When I first looked for your gig page under the name “skchy_bd” you were there. Now it is gone. :thinking:

You had two accounts! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: That is a breech of ToS too!


But what could I do? I created it now just to contact you. There is no other way to contact you. I became helpless. I am sorry for that


We’re only buyers and sellers like you.

Your old accounts gone, you’ve got a new one (presumably just one account now?). - Customer Services


It’s hard to have any sympathy for you. First your posts said you did it twice, now you say you did it once.


They wont reply, they told.