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My account is disabled for unknown reasons

My account is disabled for unknown reasons
please show me how to reopen the account:
This is my message to fiverr
"Hi letruong106,
To protect the integrity of our marketplace, you may not offer or accept services, which potentially violate third party terms of service.
For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first reminder. If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be blocked.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr team"

Ask them if they can re-open the account at the support link they provide (since they say your account will be blocked if you repeat whatever violation it is whereas they’ve blocked/disabled your account right away).

Also ask them which gig it was and the exact reason (what the violation was) and amend/pause/delete the gig that is an issue if necessary.

It seems your account’s gone already.

I’m guessing it was the YouTube etc. paid promotions?

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thanks. Important, I do not know how to ask them

new time is first prompt
cách nào to return me account

Click on the support link you’ve mentioned (
Click on “Contact Support” near the bottom of the page. Use that to create a support ticket.
Ask them the exact reason (violation), which gig, ask for your account to be reinstated/enabled and if they do, amend/pause/delete the gig if it was in violation of the terms of service.

important, no account accounts to contact with Support

I don’t know then. Maybe try emailing them (

Thank you.
i will send mail

i do not know. requires wait to long response

Are you use paid promotion services ?

Then you’ll have to wait for their response. Only Customer Support can help you; nobody on the forum can enable your account for you.

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currently my account is disabled.
I have some orders to complete
I am very keen to reopen my account to finish the job
Looking forward to help