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My account is hacked. please do remember your security question



I was seller on fiverr since last 3 yrs with username fragglesrock

My account was hacked with 216$ ready to withdraw. I reported to CS immediately. However I couldn’t log into my account. It says wrong combination of username and password. I tried to reset password but it said email doesn’t exist. There’s no profile now. This is my profile link.

CS asked me to send scan copy of my ID, my PayPal email, PayPal transaction ID. I sent them. It was fine. But they also wanted my security question. you’ll find it in security settings. I’m not sure which question I choose. I said I wasn’t sure but I could answer that question. But CS told me it’s the question which is important, answer is not needed.

I can’t recollect and now my account is completely lost. CS isn’t responding. It’s sad. Having a account since 3 yrs. Leaving my job and turning it into full-time with thousands of positive reviews and satisfied repeated customers. It’s really sad.

I just want to let all sellers:

Please do remember your security question… Just Answer isn’t enough guys.

From my experience please don’t leave your job, you’ll regret it A LOT

Thank you



sorry for you :frowning:



actnowim said: I said I wasn't sure but I could answer that question. But CS told me it's the question which is important, answer is not needed.
That's ridiculous~! The point of a security question is that the answer is highly personal and NOT something that a hacker could guess or derive from scrutinizing your online life. And CS is saying it's knowing which question you picked that is more important? That means a hacker has a 1 in however many question options we had to guess correctly instead of virtually no chance of being able to actually ANSWER the question! That offers no security at all, and I'm very suspicious of that answer. I wonder if the CS person who told you that knows what he's talking about.

In any case, I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you, and THANK YOU for sharing your experience, so others may know. I just went to see which security question I had picked, because I certainly couldn't remember. (I mean, seriously? Every single website that demands a security question has different possible questions, from pets to parents to schools to favorites, etc., etc.)


I knew I had read something about this a while ago, and I just found this post about the security question feature when it first started; this was posted by a Fiverr administrator, and it says

5) What if I forgot my security question? In that case, please contact our Customer Support team for account verification. After verifying your account, they will reset the definitions for you.

From Natalie's information, you should be able to get your security question from CS. I believe what you were told about that is incorrect.

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Nope they won’t help. CS is’t responding now. It’s irritating to bear their silence. At least they must have said i’m helpless.

I attached a screenshot of our conversation.

Everything’s done. I lost my account.

Priya :frowning:


it looks like they deleted your account. As you saying email doesnt exists anymore.

Did you tried to ask them if they did that? I mean is your account deleted or something. Remember, you can send them email directly from your email account. It doesnt need to be from submit a ticket here.


My account was hacked too and $244 ready to witdraw, but I can get back my fiverr account. I suspect it because I’ve received an email from “fiverr-promote” and follow the step to promote my gigs. I didn’t suspect at all… for all be careful with the email you received! :slight_smile:


How did you got your account back. Please let me know




How did u Get your account back?