My account is limited, how long can withdraw revenue



as title, my account is locked. I want to know it can recover and how long it may withdraw?


That’s a question for the Support Team because only Fiverr itself can lock/limit/etc your account.

btw, the thing which you currently offer in your gig violates the Fiverr’s ToS (violation of any 3rd-party website is automatically a violation of the Fiverr’s ToS). Few months ago all gigs related to yours were deleted (except those who were masked somehow) i.e. they were marked as denied. And a friend of mine lost his Level 2 status for a month or two after he received such warnings/denials for 3 of his gigs.



I wanted to know when I can draw revenue?

is my account can exhilarate ?


If your account is (b)locked/limited, then you may need to wait much longer than 14-17 days, try 45 or 90. Again, these are questions which should be addressed to the Support Team, we don’t have the insights into your problem :slight_smile: