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My account is old. But I start it again some days before. What should I do now to get my first order

I started my account in May 2019 and create my first gig. But after some days I was inactive for a long time. Now I start it again and create a new gig. Though my gig impression was increasing but click was zero and I could not get any order, So what should I do now to get my first order. Please give your valuable advice to me. Thank you❤.

My new gig link:

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Maybe mention in your profile description that you have been away and are now back.

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You do the same thing you would do if you if it were May of 2019.

If you use the SEARCH function in the forum here (upper right hand corner) you will see topics on how to get orders is discussed multiple times a week. You have only read 8 minutes of the forum - certainly not long enough to gather the information you seek.

I would imagine you are also in a very saturated or populated category as well given your username - and it only got worse in May of 2020 (a year later) when the pandemic hit and people scrambled to earn money from home.

If you want your Gig analyzed and critiqued, you need to do at least half the work here - leave your link so it is easy for those who like doing that sort of thing to go right to your Gig to have a look and give insight. It always amazes me people who come here and ask for insight about their Gig but do not leave a link.


Thank you for your valuable advice. I am trying to give more time here. And now I have added the gig link.