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My account is restricted and under review

Hello everyone:)
i was a leval two seller when I received my third warning that my account is currently restricted and under review.Now it’s 13th day my account is restricted my all gigs are denied.Please help me what I can do? what will happen? please tell me Thanks


You have to contact Customer support. Before communication, You should learn the Terms of Service of Fiverr Marketplace and modify your gig details according to the rules and regulation.

You should contact Fiverr customer support. They could help you on this issue.

I did but they said me to wait. They said this matter is assigned to fiverr trust d safety team they will review it.

Should you be granted access back to your account then you need to understand why you are receiving warnings. Fiverr don’t issue warnings for no reason. There is a very wise phrase: “continue to do the same, expect the same result”.

From what I understand, Fiverr don’t issue infinite warnings - there comes a point where they will terminate your account.


I know that was my mistake but now i asked that what will happen? And what i should do?

You can only wait. There is nothing you can do. Fiverr will decide if you can have access back to your account.

In how many time? Its 13th day have you any estimated time?

it will seem minimum 2 months

Thanks for your reply