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My account is Restricted for GIG Denied

My Fiverr account is Showing Restricted when I’m going to send message to my Client and Before that my 3 GIG was Denied for Copy some content from other sellers. I’m new, So I didn’t know that Fiverr not Support copying Content. Is there any way to get my Account back?


Come on… you don’t even need to read the rules to know that it’s wrong to copy content from someone else… you can try to talk to CS but I doubt it will work…


is there any way to activate it?

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Again, the only thing you can do is send an email to CS, but don’t get your hopes very high…


I’ve started a Support Ticket. But they are not replying.

Ok, then you can only wait. They are taking up to 10 days to reply.

Thanks for Your information.

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Before you start anything in life, make sure you know what you are getting into in advance. You were given the option to read and understand the rules of the platform but you failed to do so. You also failed to listen to your moral compass or lack there of. There’s nothing anyone here can do for you. Wait to hear back from CS and go from there.


You’re new, so you didn’t know that stealing from others is wrong?

Isn’t that something that you learn as a kid, at home, that you shouldn’t steal from others? That you shouldn’t just take something that isn’t yours?


Why would any company let you steal content from other sellers in order to mislead buyers and why don’t you see how immoral both of those things are?

This has nothing to do.with Fiverr. It’s about not being immoral and unprofessional. But on that note, why did you agree to the ToS if you didn’t understand them?

I’m so disturbed that you think it should be ok to steal from other people and present their content as your own.

What’s next? Would you be surprised if the government opposes identity theft?

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I am not a judge here. But, yes you should not copy someone else’s hard work.

About Fiverr support reply, so as you are not a buyer it may/will take 10 days for you. Good luck!

The only solution is to contact the CS