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My account is restricted for multiple accounts

Hello there,

My account was restricted yesterday and under review. I did write to fiverr support and they told me reason is because I did create multiple account and I know the reason. This is because I have my own account, my husband had his account (he do not use it anymore and was disabled) and brother of my husband use too. But each of them, can scan their documents and show proof of identity and each account is on their names. So not sure why ?

here it states that 1 person can have 1 account, so it does not mean that 1 family need to have 1 account. I guarantee that I do not have any other account, I told to them that I can send passport of USA or what ever they need to proof that we are different and not 1 person.

What you suggest to do ?

You can talk to CS, but they do take anything that appears to be multiple accounts very seriously. Fiverr CS is the only place that you can find resolution for this, and what Fiverr ultimately tells you is what you will have to go with.


Yeap, I did write to them and they are checking. I know they can decide everything, but I told them that I can proof with ID-s that we are different persons. Anyway, are their rights to suspend accounts. I just had many clients there and they are waiting for projects.

In Fiverr TOS it’s said that you and your husband can have separate accounts as long as you are providing different services


You are not allowed to have more than 1 account on Fiverr. It doesn’t matter if you sell the same thing or anything different. Once you create another account, you breach the Fiverr terms of service.


Yes everyone knows that. But I first took permission by mail to Fever’s customer care. And they took me permission but they warned me that
1> Their e-mail account will be different
2> Their Service will be different
3> Their payment method will be different
4> Their description will be different
5> They can’t buy and sell from each other
6> Then can’t message from each other

That’s it