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My account is restricted from 29 days

My acccount is restricted from 29 days. please let me know how much max time it to get back my account, its restricted because of spam messages i did my mistakenly. unknowingly you can say

We don’t know how long it will take because we are not Fiverr staff.

To be honest, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, considering it is very unlikely that Fiverr is going to give your account back to you as you have violated Fiverr’s ToS (sending spam messages is against Fiverr’s ToS).

Unfortunately, this is not a good enough excuse because when creating a Fiverr account (even before creating gigs), Fiverr asks users to read the Terms of Service and check a box where it says something along the lines of “I have read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service.”

Therefore, right when creating your Fiverr account, you have already informed Fiverr that you have read and understood Fiverr’s terms of service.

That being said, however, you can contact Fiverr’s CS team and ask for an update. I am sure you have understood by now that it’s probably not the best idea in the world to spam people, and I hope you do not end up spamming the CS team. Just send 1 CS ticket and wait for their response. Do not send them another message before you hear back from them. It is also possible that they might not even respond to your CS ticket.

Good luck!