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My account is restricted. Is there a way to reach Trust and safety team?


My account is restricted. I work fulltime on it and have already reached CS. Is there a way to reach Trust and safety team?
I know I didn’t do any illegal activity and really need my account back.
I received 3 warnings (2 for delivering order without video). Which was my mistake but I sent the video after few minutes. 3rd warning was when I reached out to a buyer and asked why they gave me 3 star review.
I can understand these issues violate terms and I am ready to be penalized for the same. However, closing my account is a very heavy price.
I really need some help and guidance here.



Fiverr can be really strict at times…
İ once said to a customer “Don’t forget to review”

And got warned that İ am “manipulating buyers”

What a joke :smiley:

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You can clearly see in the tos that you are not allowed to ask for specific reviews , it’s not a rule that’s hard to follow

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Thanks for your reply. I didn’t ask for specific review. I just asked the reason for less review so that I can improve my services.

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If you read the forum at all, you’ll see quickly that discussing reviews with buyers at all is a near guarantee of a warning. I do think that’s a bit tough. You said that you received 3 warnings, though, and two of them were very avoidable since you apparently didn’t deliver what you were supposed to. That would have been enough to close your account by itself. I don’t understand why you risked doing that even once.

As far as reaching Trust and Safety, the only way to talk to T&S is through Customer Support. When you contacted Support it would have been forwarded to Trust and Safety. They made the decision to terminate your account because you seriously violated the rules and you kept doing it. You were ready to be penalized and the penalty is a closed account. There would be no reason at all for them to restore your account. You did do “illegal” (rule violating) activity three times and if you wanted to keep your account you shouldn’t have done those things. Good luck in your future endeavors.


Fiverr sells itself as a doers paradise, but the reality is very different.

There are many rules, too many for my liking, too many ways to get in trouble. You have to be extremely careful here, and never ever use trigger words like review, email, money, PayPal, etc.

Even your gig title can get you in trouble. So if you write emails for people, write e-mail in your gig title, that way you won’t get in trouble when copying and pasting the link on Fiverr.


As per my experience. I would say don’t even use the word e-mail as this can help us avoid the auto warning. But once a representative checks it because of any reason they will send warning to the account.
This is what happened with me. My 3rd warning came when I myself contacted fiverr support for something related to review.

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Is that also not allowed?
I thought only asking for 5 star is not allowed.

“E-mail” isn’t the same as “email,” the later triggers the autowarning, the former doesn’t. You’ll see the warning before you send the message, so you have time to change it. If you post after seeing the warning, if you don’t change it, then you’ll get in trouble.

I’m not sure what words you’ve been using, but you have to be careful.

I once had a messager send me a text document full of instructions that violate TOS. I simply used one of the Quick Responses Fiverr wrote for us. You can edit those responses, delete them, or create new ones.

It saves time.

Asking for reviews is not allowed, don’t better if you’re asking for 5 stars or honest reviews.

Just deliver the work and hope for the best. Being desperate for reviews leads to bad reviews and other problems.


You have great writing skills. You must be selling writing services on fiverr :slight_smile:
What you said is 100% correct. I also wish you luck in your future endeavors. I also pray that you never face a situation like mine.
Believe me all 3 warnings were not intentional. A computer cannot understand this but a human can.

Thanks for your reply…
This is new to me. I guess that’s another reason for my account being banned.
I still hope they give me a chance.
I really look forward to receiving a reply from someone who has some experience in this situation.

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My pleasure.

We all make mistakes. Was the account banned forever or temporarily? I once got banned from the forum for 3 days.

Things happen, you learn.

Good luck


I am able to login and deliver my old videos. However, all my gigs are declined. I am unable to activate gigs or message anyone (only access open orders).
CS said my account is banned forever and I am hoping for a miracle :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you can do. Ask them if you can delete your old account and create a new one? You’ll lose all your reviews, but it seems to me you chances of reviving your old account are zilch.

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I’m sorry this happened to you but you got a lot more chances to stop breaking the rules than most. I wish I could offer something to help.


was your account restored?