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My account is restricted need help to Reactivate it!

I was new to Fiver and Fiver restricted my account I was not familiar with Fiver terms and conditions. Now I am in a big trouble as I am dependent on Fiver and looking forward to Reactivate my Account, if there is any way kindly do let me know.

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Before you created an account, you agreed to Fiverr’s Terms of Services. You must be familiar to the TOS no matter what, especially on sites you earn money.

Did you even read the message Fiverr sent you? I don’t think so.

  • “This is your second warning and therefore your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team.”

Even after 1st warning, you must’ve read the TOS, but you obviously ignored that.

Now, as Fiverr states in the message, you must wait for the Trust and Safety team to review your account and decide whether you should banned or not.

Read the TOS next time.


I hate people that just spam messages and self-promote randomly. Obviously sellers disturbed by this stuff will eventually report these spammers. Then they come to the forum asking for help. LOL.

The advice is simple. STOP SPAMMING and promote yourself like all the others. Once you spam people and you don’t even read the Terms of Service, you’re begging to get banned.


It’s really sad to see that you had your account restricted.
I hope you already know why you got your account restricted.
Most New Sellers do this mistake.
The best thing to do at this point is…
Contact the Fiverr Support team and Admit your mistake and tell them this will not happen again.
If this did not help there is nothing you can do other than waiting for like- months.
All the best

He must first wait for the Trust and Safety to review his account.

But he did already earned his 2 warnings. I don’t think he would admit at all.

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Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!

Oh i see. I have been through this. because of a Scam buyer, He has Reported me on Spam messaging and Cancelled the Order too ( 5$ gig for Architectural Rendering), Fiverr REstricted my account for like 1 month. I opened several CS treads but there was no help, Then I sent them some Screenshots of my chats, After analyzing they Lifted the WArnings and I got my refund too. Sometimes The Buyers can be
scammers too.
( this buyer took 4 Variations of Architectural Sketch Drawings for 5$ and Yet tried to cancel the order after completion)

He sent spam to other sellers and his account got restricted because of that. No, most new sellers don’t make that mistake.

If you depend solely on Fiverr, how could you not familiarize yourself with the site rules? Why would you jeopardize your only source of income like that?


Yeah, i agree. Especially on a Site like Fiverr, You have to familiarize / at least read once, The Fiverr TOS.

Fiverr is a company just like any other. When you applied to work on the platform, they provided you with a list of rules and guidelines to follow. You didn’t care enough to read and learn these rules when you first got started. What’s worst is after your first warning, you didn’t do anything to protect yourself and your business. You didn’t make any changes at all to your behavior.

Based off your actions alone, it doesn’t seem like you took the whole Fiverr experience seriously. When dealing with money transactions you need to make sure you cover your bases and protect the well-being of your business.

I honestly think your Fiverr career is over, but use this as a learning experience for any future sites you plan to work on.

It’s your own mistake and learn about it.
Especially after you got two warning?
There are many post about “spamming” and you still do this.
Try to more active in this forum. You can learn alots.

Nothing you can do right now other than contact CS.
Still…, it will take months to solve this problems.

Just trying to understand what happened, was the person sending messages to other sellers trying to get them to buy gigs from him?

According to the warning (screenshot in the first post), yes.

i admit my mistake and do applogies & promised never do this again

i made one litter mistake , text other seller to asked servies for my client needs and fiver sy me now
It appears that you have received multiple warnings for violations of our Terms of Service. As a result, your account is being reviewed by our Trust & Safety team.
i admit my mistake and do applogies & promised never do this again
this is only happened just for my buyer he said me he don’t know about fiverr and search some graphic designer
i am just text 1 and 2 person for use his services fiverr block my inbox and gig
i can contact CS of fiverr