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My account is restricted Need Help!

I don’t know how will i get up from this situation but i got restricted from fiverr and now i am tensed i want my account back because there is 33 reviews and 16k impressions on my gig and i just started 2 month before i have worked hard but stuck in this situation please someone help me to get back my account. fiverr not replying and i have to lots of things but how can i reactivate my account. please unrestricted me i want my account back. i will do work hard and harder get more benefits to you also. please get me off from this situation i am stucked badly.


The only advice that will help you is to-
Contact Customer Support

But keep in mind that the CS don`t take “Sorry” in such cases.


but they are not replying from morning i don’t know what to do now

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It can take upto 36 hours for you to get a reply. However, they normally replies within 24 hours.


they never activate my account again?

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suggest me something that how can i get my account back

There is not one single forum user who can do more for you than an actual Fiverr employee.


ahh! you are right sir really a bad experience :disappointed:

I don’t know the background and don’t need to know, but I know that there must have been a reason for the restriction.

91st day= :moneybag: back

I had a friend who had the same problem and he contacted fiverr CS and explained himself. His account got reactivated…Don’t know if this comes late but that’s the only thing you can do

Does anyone got there account back after restriction?
Because I am facing that issue and it is more than a month and they are still reviewing my account.

Not if your account was restricted after receiving ToS warning(s). Nope. I don’t think so. If you would like to, you could find out the answer to that question from CS themselves.

Good luck!