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My account is restricted. Please HELP!

Hello, I just received a message from fiverr that my account is temporarily disabled. I have huge orders and payment pending there. I have invested in development of projects and on human resource. All of my clients are happy. Then what is the issue. I am even not getting any reply from customer support. Please help me.


HI alice my account is disabled too (=

To reactivate your account, you need to clear your browser’s cache/cookies and change your current password, then you will need to verify your account again. You only have 24 hours to complete this process or your account will be restricted again.

To reset the password on your account please, once you cleared your browser’s cache/cookies. Please log in to your account and on the front page click on your profile image, then on the drop-down menu go to “Setting”, on the right side of the settings page you will find a button that says Security, in there you will find the option to reset your password.

Please let me know if the issue continues and send me a screenshot of the error that you’re getting.
and by for now i have work to do (= .


I followed the steps. I cleared cookie /cache and still my account is showing as restricted. I received this email when my account was blocked.
“Our system identified some issues with your account activity.”

I am sorry but only CS will be able to help you out. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything you do but wait for their reply. They can take up to 2 days to respond back to your CS ticket/request.

When your account has been suspended/restricted by Fiverr, I honestly don’t think clearing caches and cookies will help. :thinking:


i don’t know why your account is disabled but i did the same thing and my account now is active, i think that you changed the password a lot. now you should talk to the support the have access to the db, they will anser you in just one hour, they always answoer me in one hour. i’am sorry my way didn’t work

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Your account is finished now no one will reply you and wait for 90 days.

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Your account shows unavailable when I try to check, I don’t know what happened, please keep us posted what happened, that will help us a lot

@mk_artworks If you want to discuss this you need to create your own topic.

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