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My account is restricted, serious website glitch

Hello everyone,

Recently I had to go away from the city on a trip so after I deliver all the to do’s I had at that time I increase the average time of finishing order from 2 to 15 days. That seem like a better idea instead of the option “vacation mode” since I read a lot of negative reviews about it here on the forums. After I got back home day before yesterday I change again average time of finishing orders from 15 to 3 days. Minutes after I did that one of my gig about instagram was denied, the other one about music promotion on facebook was removed from all public listings and the also the new gig I made about mandolin lesson which was approved by fiverr but its nowhere in the public listings not even in the “new” section of music&audio/music lessons. Forget to mention that day I go on a trip my level decreased by it self from 2 to 1 and when I contact the customer support I got an answer that there is a website glitch who did that and after a while the damage was repair. Also that week I was absent from fiverr I have got account warning about abusive language etc. even I wasnt working on fiverr not messaging anyone not making any deliveries. So when this time I contact customer support they try to sort this thing out on the easiest way they can, I got explanation that instagram enforcement team has report my gig on which Im sending real people as followers not bots. I ask to get the email on which instagram is reporting my gig so I can sort this thing with them never got a reply. Never got an reply why my other gigs are removed from all public listings. I have ask them to check and repair my account explaining about the website glitch which happened recently never got an reply. Constantly trying to explain that the changing, editing the average days of finishing from 15 to 3 has something to do with that, never got an reply. They just sort this thing out with a word template, never got real help.

Im asking on your opinion and help on this one guys? Start thinking that maybe they just favorite some other seller and terminate the competition. I have see other sellers selling bots like followers and thats in their description and they work more than a year and its hard to believe that instagram havent report them but report me, or if instagram report them as well is fiverr need more than a year to review them and they denied my gig right away on which Im sending real people as followers. And how instagram can report my other gigs in which there is nothing about instagram, they are about music promotion on facebook and the other one about playing music, cant understand that its so silly but never got a reply from customer support.

I just have big QUESTION MARK on my head ???