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My account is restricted so I want to know this will be active again

Hello friends
Can you suggest me my account will be active again and I will do start on my account again ?

Why was it restricted in the first place?


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I don’t know can you suggest me how will active again or what I need to do ,I talk with support but he told me wait for next evaluation time

You received an email explaining why , you should check that .


Delivery buttons issue but didn’t send false delivery

Fiverr never ban account on the first mistake. You did something wrong twice!

Check your mail or fiverr notification/explanation what you have done. On first, fiverr always send warning by mentioning it, if this happens again your account will get ban. And once your account got ban, it will never be active again! Only thing you can do is, try to contact customer support where as, there is very less number of chance of getting back your account.

You should know/ learn what are the policies and what you are doing! You did something against their polices not for the one time, but twice!


In the email that Fiverr sent you, it should say whether you’re on a temporary ban or a permanent ban.

If it’s a permanent ban, there’s no way to get your account back because you are officially banned from Fiverr. If it’s a temporary ban, after a period of time (I believe it’s 90 days, but I’m not completely sure), you will receive your account back. I hope this helps!

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Thank you temporary ban

Restriction - means the account is partially disabled. The customer, either buyer or seller, can access the account, withdraw funds, complete ongoing orders, and review their order history. They cannot place or receive new orders, nor can they communicate with other customers through inbox messages. Seller’s Gigs will not show on the marketplace, and buyers will not be able to place new orders.

Once an account is temporarily disabled, the customer will need to wait for the trial period which can take upwards of 90 days to be completed to know if their account will be restored or permanently disabled.

Note: Customer Support cannot influence the result of this review, nor can they update the user on the review’s end date.

The above is from the help Centre and answers your question.


Thank you I understand now…I hope will be good for me after 90 days than you very much

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