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My account is restricted without any reason

My account is restricted without any reason and when I asked the CS they said I received THIRD PARTY TOS VIOLATION WARNING the second time that is why my account is restricted and when I asked them that what I have done that I have receive this they reply they can not disclose this information before final review and when I asked that when it will be done with review they reply that there is no any timeframe.
I want to ask what is this that the suspect or victim of any objection can not ask even his crime that why he is being punished or restricted and they are not done since 4 days passed away.

What about your first warning? What was it for, exactly?


I contacted a freelancer to add people in a Facebook group and Fiverr gave me an alert and warning that I can not buy that service from that day till today I do not ask any person for any service. Now that person sent me (-) this symbol and I just replied with question mark no more then it and nothing else even I was inactive from a week when Fiverr restricted my account with this warning

Perhaps it was automated then, because of the second contact with that freelancer, and it will be fixed once someone checks what happened.

(I’m just guessing here, of course, I have no way of knowing what’s going to happen)

yes it has been unrestricted. thanks