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My account is Suddenly and unexpectedly being reviewed by Fiverr

Hello everyone, please kindly help me out on this as your suggestion is highly and deeply appreciated.

My account is Suddenly and unexpectedly being reviewed by Fiverr and one of my gig is being removed, as I don’t know maybe the account is being reported by scrupulous person, so currently now my account has been restricted, kindly advise me on what to do on this, please


It might be sudden to you, but Fiverr wouldn’t review your account without any reason. I believe they do let you know the reasons why your account is under review (e.g. violating ToS). I guess you could send customer service an email to provide further clarification why your account is being restricted.


First gig on left is Disney video, second gig is image from other seller, third gig is Powtoon animation.

Second row first video is BTS Tiny tins???

You went against BIGHIT? It is miracle the feds are not on your doors. BIG HIT crushes any illegal use of their materials, even tiny ones.


Now everything of your account is under review of Fiverr Safety & Support team you can’t do anything right now Maybe Fiverr found volition from your account . So it would better to wait until they send you email regarding the issue

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Thanks everyone for your concern as related to this issue, but the question now is, what’s the chance of regaining this account back, is there hope or not my fellow brothers and sisters, please?

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You’re right but this account isn’t the only one using this on Fiverr and a report got me that one of this gig’s account was being reported by unscrupulous person that caused the account being reviewed.

And is there any chance of regaining this account back, please?

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Thanks for feedback, I appreciate that.

But please what could be done to regain this account back?
Or no hope as long as it’s being reviewed?

I think you are missing the gist of the whole thing here - by using other’s work, YOU are the unscrupulous person.

I doubt your account will be reinstated.



Ok, thanks sir.

But is there a suggestion of when they could email me, please?

And what can I do please to regain this account back?
Help a brother please.

No feedback is more than that, thanks.

But if you can’t help the situation please don’t worsen this.

Unfortunately no one will be able to help you with this on the forum.

Fiverr is very strict with people who break rules and you will have to wait for them to review your account which might take days, weeks or months.

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It’s well, tho thanks.

I am helping.

Unfortunately, it is not what you want to hear.

You want to be told that it would take a week, and then your account would be fine and reinstated.

No, it will not. You took images you did NOT create and put them on your Gig as your own. You stole, you were unscrupulous and for that, your Gigs and account will probably not be reinstated.

Sorry if the truth hurts. What did you think was going to happen when you are stealing other’s work and putting it up as if you created it. How would you feel if someone were stealing your art?



Everyone who uses copyrighted or stolen works banned now or later. :man_shrugging: It may take week or two for someone to banned or get warning. And it’s against TOS to make second account so once banned means you can’t sell on fiverr again. Hope you will only get an warning.

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If you see someone robbing a bank and getting away with it, would you think that it must be fine if you rob a bank, too? And would you call a person who sees what you’re doing and calls the police unscrupulous?

That’s on Fiverr to decide. All anyone here can do is guess.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many honest Fiverr sellers (as in, those who don’t take something that’s not theirs and present it as their own work) would be offended if they saw you calling them fellow brothers and sisters, because they’re neither related to you, nor would they want anyone to think that they have anything to do with you.


Thank you for informing us. We will do our best now to find those accounts, report and remove them all.

It is very informative of you to share others in 3D animations are using stolen artwork.

If you still find more accounts using stolen artwork such us you did after 7 days notify us here so we can remove/report them too, or you can use report feature yourself.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Many sellers do not like unscrupulous sellers who have profiles that are copied from others and do not represent their own work to work on the Fiverr platform as that kind of seller reflects badly on the honest sellers who work on Fiverr.

Many honest sellers report these unscrupulous dishonest sellers, and apparently, that has happened to you. It may be that the person you stole the work from reported you. Honesty is always the best policy.


I think maybe a popup like this for new sellers would avoid dishonest sellers.

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