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My account is suddenly temporarily disabled

Hello expert,
Suddenly my account got temporarily disabled.How can i get back ?Is it possible to get back?

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Do you know why your account was disabled? You should have received an email telling you the reason.

Fiverr did not send any email trough my eamil.How i get back ?Is it possible to get back ?

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It depends. If Fiverr is mistaken about something, and you can prove it, then you may be able to recover your account. If you broke the rules and got caught, then you probably won’t get your account back.

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My account is still working.But showing this messge.How can i send them message ?

Were you asked to verify? If so, did you get to do it successfully?


They do not tell me verify.But send a message to customer support .But till now thay did not replay.Why they temporarily disabled my account …did not send any eamil.How can i do ?

We can’t tell you that. We’re all users just like you.

If you haven’t already read the Terms of Service, read through them to see if you can spot any rules you might have broken.

Support usually responds within 48 hours, but they may be busier at the moment because of the coronavirus. They may have to deal with extra cancellations and things like that.

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@mahafuj_labu you must have done something that was inappropriate, they don’t just disable accounts. So get in contact with seller support and ask what did you do wrong, they should explain what happened. good luck :v:

Have any chance to get back my account?

Please read all replies above. People already answered your question.

People in here are just buyers and sellers who has no idea what happened to your account. Reach here and open a ticket with customer support. They will help you.