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My account is temporarily disabled. How can solve it?

Suddenly my account got temporarily disabled. How can I get back? Is it possible to get back? :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Fiverr wrote their instructions for you in the email that they sent

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This mail send me fiverr team…
Our system identified some issues with your account activity.

While we understand that receiving this type of message may not be pleasant, we would like to assure you that Fiverr takes the security of it’s customers very seriously. Therefore, to ensure your account security, and as a preventive measure we’ve temporarily disabled your account.

Is that the entire message? It seems some key details might be neglected.

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Yes, this full email …

Confirm you mail address, I hope you received an email with reason

I think I’ve seen that boilerplate response from others in the forum who got in trouble for having auto-refreshers active on their browser while on Fiverr.


I want to get back to this account? Is it possible to get back?

I don’t have enough information about your situation to make an educated guess on the status of your account. None of us here on the forum work for Customer Support.

I’ll also just make a tiny little note that you did not address if you had a browser auto-refresher.


I have a auto refesher set in my browser…

I think this is my problem…

Attempts Limit Reached

Unfortunately, you’ve got no verification attempts left for now. Please try again within 24h.

Your account is temporary banned that’s mean you will get back your account.
How i can get back my account ?
they will not response you through complaint panel
Don’t worry you can mail them on with your username and request them to help out
they will give you some more chance for verification

You are temporarily suspended because of this. Remove it post haste and don’t use it if you are going to be on Fiverr.

Trying to appear always online is meaningless and not worth risking one’s account.


Yeah, being online has no difference in the amount of sales you make from my experience.

But I’m aware of the “Show online sellers only” filter, which in theory can give you more impressions.

Still, very bad idea to use any kind of tool that refreshes the browser. Even setting it up to randomize the refresh times and having clever pauses in it would not help, as Fiverr can see the extensions your browser has.

As for how to proceed, you should be honest with customer support and ask them very nicely to lift the ban. It does say “temporarily” after all in the mail, so an apology and a promise to not do it again might be enough if the support person is in a good mood.

Contact to customer support and send email.

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