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My account is under limit (Answered)

My acct is limit and I am thinking of deactivating it…will all fund not yet clear be return to the buyer or what about those all ready cleared?

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“Your account is under limit”… meaning restricted/banned? Clarify yourself.

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@nikavoice I need help please, i just got this account and it doesnt show where i will add my paypal account, there is nothing like that, what should i do?

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How exactly did you get this account? Did someone give it to you? Did you find it somewhere?

Did you bought the account from other seller? or from any social platform?

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Account==> settings
Once there click on billing to add the payment option.

Read the Help & Education Center Information desk.

Any other billing questions should be addressed to Customer Support.


Under restriction, have tried everything possible to recover it to no avail…deactivating it only option left to me now

Contact Customer Support!

We are buyers/sellers here we cannot give you the answers that you seek.

Submit a ticket :anchor:

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Had done that multiple times already…they said they can’t resolve my issue…ca remember mobile number linked to the account…that is the issue I am facing…also seems like fiverr can’t folks that sign up with facebook or google profile.

mean can’t recall mobile number link to the account

How does one forget the number. I am baffled. As previously mentioned, noone on the forum can help you with this issue.
Good luck!


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