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My account is under review of fiverr team since last 2 weeks


Fiverr blocked my account before few days and my account is still under review of fiverr team even after more than 2 weeks what should I do now ?


Contact fiverr support they will message you??
Generally its take time for reviewing account


I have contacted them already almost 3-4 times they are still saying the account is under review please wait.


Then wait and stop bugging CS.


You should wait until Trust&Safety Fiverr team review your account.If they found TOS violation’s in your account then you will get restricted and all your gigs will be denied. You can withdraw earning after clearing period.
Its always recommended that you follow the guidelines and rules of the fiverr to ensure the good environment for both sellers and buyers.Any unethical practices may cause problems.

Learn from the mistakes but not repeating them always.