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My account issues, all gig are restricted

anyone can help?? my account is restricted because i used my friends laptop and badly he is using fiverr. now my all gigs is delete, i am working from 2017 and i want get back because my family have one source this account so what should i do now please help me…

You can try to contact CS and explain them a situation. But to be honest you should’ve asked a permission from CS first to work from the same laptop so they would be aware of that.

However they might unblock your account only if you and your friend are selling totally different services.


Go with @mariashtelle1. She is right.

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i send message they tell me now they can’t reopen all my gig.

It is so pity to hear about your problem

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We can not sign in 2 different fiverr account on the same computer?

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No you can’t, fiverr will detect it as one person from the same IP using two accounts.


My seller option is not show and i cant open my gig. I’m restricted by fiverr. How can i solv this problem? I want to back my account