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My account just got blocked


My account just got blocked. I was asked to modify, same day i received the modification email, i also got emails stating that my gig is removed. I created another gig, modified it, went online to search for bikini models on fiverr and how they should look like…did exactly what they did and now my account is disabled. I just dont get it. Can someone help me please?

Account blocked without any reason

We would need to know exactly the wording you used in your gig, what it was for, before we could give an answer to why it was banned.

Without seeing the gig we would have no way of knowing.


There aren’t any other ‘bikini model’ gigs on Fiverr - perhaps they’re not allowed?


Regarding your search for bikini models, I would like to hear how you described “how they should look like” if you want to know the reason your account was blocked.


It was "i will send you hot bikini pictures …i modified it to "i will send you bikini pictures or video.
Meanwhile i did a collection of pictures i made as a video with a background music by wale ft rihanna. I also tried to crop the images to show only my face . So i dont know if its the music or the pictures

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I saw some bikini models on fiverr

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My guess is your gig wasn’t ‘family friendly’.

The copyright backing music wouldn’t have helped mind.

Try searching again - there aren’t any.

Fiverr is for users 13 years and over - no ‘adult’ services are allowed.


If you type just ‘bikini’ in the search bar, there are a few women in bikinis (though I’m not sure for how long the gigs will be allowed to stay).

That’s a copyright violation, unless you have the permission to use it.

Do you have the rights to sell those pictures and earn from it? That could have been another copyright violation.

Or the problem could be what @offlinehelpers is suggesting, that the gig isn’t appropriate for Fiverr.


I can see why the account was blocked. There is more than one reason, at least three, as the others have said.


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You said you searched for ‘bikini models’ - there aren’t any that say ‘bikini model’. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a total of 5 gigs, and out of 5, 1 is for designing bikinis, and 2 are fitness gigs. 1 is for holding a sign (Fiverr has been removing those), and 1 is to put a logo or photo on a surfing board (I’m not sure if that one is still allowed, or will be removed at some point). None are for sending a bunch of pictures of hot girls in bikinis.


The pictures are all mine. I get it …it could be the song. But i just wish that they just say it . I mean if i knew what the problem was , i would have just removed the damn song.


Or it could be that that service isn’t allowed on Fiverr.


I searched for bikini" on fiverr i got those images i sent to u. When i type bikini models on google it gave me

And meanwhile i did not say i will be your bikini model, i said i will send you bikini pictures or video.

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There are two reasons: a gig to send pictures of girls in bikinis, and the music copyright violation.


Alright i get it now. My friend introduced me to fiverr. She never mentioned anything and she says she has a bikini gig. So what should i do next?

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That seller’s last delivery was 11 months ago and they no longer have any gigs up for sale. Maybe they had them removed?


And this one …

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Last delivery over a year ago and no gigs for sale - can you see a pattern yet? :wink: