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My Account just got HACKED

Is that possible? :cry:

Yeah! Very possible. watch out for that username

Show me the order page.

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Just contact the CS, they will look into it and if you are right you will instantly get your money. Or you can still raise the dispute of that transaction by going to the resolution centre. Don’t need to worry. You will get your money back. It’s very simple.

Wow, that’s some scary shit. But a weird scheme, no? I mean, the funds will still need pending, no? Is he seriously hoping to be able to stick around for two weeks?

Damn… I´m going to do a topic about this because I think I know the reason of this. I´ve encountered on the past months some hackers trying to make me download a document with scripts and I think if you launch those scripts this is what happened.

When This happens, I usually report this user and contact with the CS!

If he could have a code like that, then I’m scared he may possibly have another code to override the 2 weeks pending clearance duration.


Please keep us updated.

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I made a topic about this

I did not include this on this topic because I want to separate what´s going on with this case and tell others what to do in those cases

This all seems very odd but as others have said, the user will have to wait for 14 days for it to clear.
Also, if they did not deliver any files then it will be obvious to CS that it was not a legitimate order.

What kind of file was it? doc, exe. I think any anti virus can detect the virus after you download it

AVs don’t catch all viruses though :slight_smile:
You should avoid .exes like the plague unless your work involves them. But everyone should disable macros in their office package if they are going to open non-local files.

My Experience :slight_smile:
I had got several time that kind of Spam message by some ********* Users- “Where do They say - I need service - Kindly see my job info in attachment file” When i did open that Zip file - There was .EXE and doc file - I’m little aware about this… So I block that user instantly and Report about them at Fiverr CS and For Fast response - Report at Fiverr Support Twitter Handle!! - They tried to hack my account but I put that in their ******!!

So all guys - Be careful always when you’re opening zip file of any buyer message requirement.!!

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I know about rules and I agree that words was violate rules - But If others seller don’t know about that spam coming from where - then How they Beware about it :slight_smile:

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Big ups to the Fiverr team. Got all $150 back. Thank you all at I am truly grateful. A big shout out at you all.

Best regards :smile:

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Congrates :slight_smile:

Greatttttttttttttttt :heart_eyes:

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Ohh Finally you got it…COOL!! But something very strange.

Told you… no need to worry.


I’m happy that your story had a happy ending. Well done to the Fiverr Team!
I actually nearly fell into the same trap. A user sent me a message two months ago starting with the following with an attachment:

“Hello! I want order service.
I need to do this quickly.
Please load job.
tomorrow will do???”

Then I later noticed that the account was removed. I downloaded the attachment but there was no way to know what kind of file it is. When i saw it, had iffy things in it. Luckily it didn’t affect my system. So, if you come across messages of this style, please do not open the file. Normally such messages have poor english and no flow in sentence structure. I tried to respond the user but didn’t reply back. so that’s another sign.

Best wishes!
Zahrah :slight_smile: