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My account just got restricted?!

I went to buyers request and asked if anyone knows what has happened to a seller that I cannot contact anymore and then, Fiverr says I was promoting my gig! How is that promoting?? I was starting to become sucessful on Fiverr and I am very annoyed. I just contacted Fiverr Support.

Has anyone else gone through the same problem and have gotten their account back??

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Why did you go to “buyer request” section to ask about a seller!
We can’t help you here, just the CS can.

Hope you will get your account back, next time if you are not sure about something just post it in this forum and people will guide you.


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That section is for buyers to post what they need done, anything else is considered to be spam.


Wouldn’t it depend if someone wanted to pay >=$5 for the answer/investigation? If the buyer was prepared to pay >=$5 for the answer surely it wouldn’t be spam?

CS apparently thinks that it was spamming.

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