My account on fiverr is penetration


my account on fiverr is penetration and my money is Stolen


You should tell customer support about this. We can’t help you with it since we are all sellers like you.


I contact with support and no any answer


They need enough time to answer. Nevertheless, @misscrystal is right, the forum cannot help you with security issues.


They will answer when they can, just don’t send more than one ticket about it to them.


the hacker withdraw $311.25 from my account


What I do now , I’m very collapsed


Wait for Customer Support. I am not sure what else you are seeking from the forum, but we are not staff and cannot help. I’m sorry for your situation.


my account on fiverr and payoneer is penetration , I don’t know How this create


I hope you find a resolution. Good luck.


booohooo… My OG message got penetration so here’s one relating to the topic.

Always run virus scan to avoid all future penetrations.

  1. Click here for help and tell the staff what exactly your problem is:

  2. Download a free antivirus software - such as Avast or Avira - and scan your computer. You might also want to download ‘Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’ and scan your computer with it. Just to be safe.

  3. Never share any personal data with anyone.

  4. Listen to your guts. If you have a bad feeling about a certain Seller or Buyer: don’t work with them.


The account is no longer available… What happened to guy? any feedback experience or lesson learnt?


Thanks for all , now I’m contact with support


It would be interesting to know what happened to his account. I can only guess there may have been a problem where fiverr took out the money for some reason.

He left the last message only 16 minutes ago.


Remember the bug, his username is designs_4u (without the 1).


Thanks for reminding me. Mystery solved.


Think some editing might be needed here chaps - thanks in advance.


The hacker Withdrawal Failed with paypal but his Withdrawal Initiated it by payoneer


the hacker also catch the Gmail information , because I use one gmail email on fiverr and payoneer