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My account pages are all white this morning


My account pages are all white this morning with no green at all.

Is this the new look or is my account not working right?


Mine have just changed too, so not an account problem? :slightly_smiling_face:


Same thing here!! New look :stuck_out_tongue:


Here too. Also the order prices in the reviews have gone. Good.


OH FIVERR made the upper menu in white. Its hitting my eyes. Black was good and more comfortable.


they are still working on it


I can now see the prices in front of client reviews. Hmmmm. Mixed feelings


Yes, they changed it and I did not like it. They are updating that type of things continuously. I did edit my gig 2 days before and it is still out of search.


Well, my pages are all OK, but I just saw that on a gig page the right sidebar with the “order” button & package preview dropdowns are gone. There’s just a “Contact” button.

Seems like buyers now have to scroll all the way down to the individual “order” buttons for each package.

I guess this was done to fix the “buyer didn’t read my description” or “buyer didn’t contact me first” problems, but now I’ll probably get a massive amount of inbox messages instead of immediate orders…

– and I really dislike :nauseated_face: the prices showing up on each review - so long, buyer privacy, and so long buyer reviews (I can see buyers not leaving reviews on purpose to hide their budget)


I don’t have one order button on any gigs.

Thats a good move fiverr, take away all my order buttons.

I just sent a message to customer support. Why remove all order buttons?

No wonder I am not getting sales.

So I have to have 3 packages to have order buttons?


Yes, preview/portfolio are gone, just checked on a different browser but the “proceed to order” is still there. Maybe they are still fixing all these things, we have to wait. :slight_smile:

I hope you will update in this regard.


I can see your order buttons though.

Everything is intact


Gosh, you’d think they’d do these changes over a weekend to reduce the amount of panic from sellers wouldn’t you - oh wait…:smiley:

Chill out folks and wait for the updating to finish - go and do some Christmas shopping or something. :wink:


You guys can see my order buttons? Where are they?


Yes same here, Everything is White :slight_smile:


Here you go

Plus, I saw the screenshot you posted. It had “edit gig” That is usually in place of your order button.


I can see the “Proceed to order” on right side where it is usually and at the end of your extras. I am talking about your best selling 1st gig.


From my own end, everything still remains the way it was, no changes.


This is weird. I saw them the last 2 weeks or two and now they are gone. Didn’t like it.