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My account private


I need help Fiverr experience seller.
I do regular activities Fiverr regular 10 bid But no any buyer knock me. So, think my account was private. So, How I understand that my account was private.


I do not find your account when I go to the main site to look for it. :thinking:

Maybe you should contact Customer Service about this. Here is the link.


Thanks for your suggestion.


The “1” symbol at the end of his username was added by the forum in error. If you search his name without that, you should find him.

I just searched your name, Awal_bd, and I saw your profile and all of your Gigs. Everything looked OK, at least from my end.


Oooops, I forgot about that! Thanks.


awal__bd this my user name please check it and let me know.


Haha, don’t sweat it. I actually wrote a whole post to Awal_bd a few days ago without realising I’d clicked on the wrong user’s profile. :zipper_mouth_face:


actually awal_bd this my old account and this account already i was disable and awal__bd this my new fiverr acount. So, I want this new ID do work but i regular bid 10 but no any buyer knock me.Why , can you help me and solution my problem.


Oh, right, yeah, sorry. I missed out an underscore in your name.

How long have you been sending bids?


I have already 62 make bid.


There are some people on this forum that had to send over 300 bids before they got their first order. Keep trying.

One tip I could give you is to use Grammarly to make your posts a bit clearer. Lots of people whose first language isn’t English use the app to make their writing look more professional.


You are right.May many thanks for your help.