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My account response time is gone upto 70 hour ,


The response rate takes into account the time taken to reply to the first message of a potential buyer, in the time-frame of 60 days. So you’ll have to look at;

  1. If you replying to everyone that messages you, within 1 hour. (Response Time)

  2. If you’re replying to everyone that messages you on the whole… even the ones that you’re not going to work with. (Response Rate)

The response time is easy to fix. My time had increased to two hours, so I made an effort to reply to everyone within a half hour, and within approx. 2 weeks, it was back to 1 hour. Also, just FYI, you should make an effort to respond to your clients as quickly as possible. For my gig, I usually need to be by my laptop to review their work before the gig is purchased, but even if they message me when I’m out, I make an effort to reply on my phone and explain that I’ll review their request fully in 3-4 hours. And it’s worked for me thus far.


Don’t worry about it. Looks like you just missed it. Just try and do better from now on. Check your inbox every hour or so. That’s what I do!

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I message to every single client within a 5 minutes except one client . the time was 2 hours into that time after 15 October it increase up 53 hours automatically .
Thank you.

That can’t be accurate. If you message everyone in 5 minutes and messaged a single one in 2 hours, your response rate would be 100%. Check spam and archived messages. Sometimes those count, apparently.

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hi, you need to response quickly, if you are out of PC then install fiverr app on your mobile and message notification always on in app. Try to response quickly for get order and also for good response time.

I replied to every single message with a minute but now it gone to 170 hours , what should i do for that .
help me please …