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My account restricted again and fiverr removed my level one badge!

My account restricted again and removed the first level badge and I don’t even know the reason!
I didn’t do anything against Fiverr TOS.
I contact with the Fiverr CS but no reply!!

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This was happened to me but i contacted the CS and then they fixed the problem.
the reason of restriction was i did not verified my phone number.
wait for the CS they will answer you 100%.

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You do realize we’re just a mix of Sellers & Buyers, right? We cannot help you. [Customer Support] AKA staff are the people you need to talk to. Be patient, response time varies. :dolphin:


Fiverr never judge you by single activity. Fiverr gave 2 warning and disable account on the next time.
First warning will not remove your badge.
Second warning will remove your level 2 badge

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I was asking for suggestions :slight_smile:

Why hello there, oppacodes!

Nice of you to join us 27 days later.

Surely the issue should be resolved by now, no?

They will contact you back and I hope it will be resolved as you said you didn’t do anything against Fiverr TOS. Just be patient.