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My Account Restriction Story

Hello all.

I am Joshua.

I joined Fiverr few days ago. I have successfully completed 2 orders. I’m on my 3rd. I got a message that I had to verify ID when I just got the 3rd one. So I was trying to do that. And I guess my photo was not sharp enough. Fiverr restricted my account. What would you advise me to do to get back my account?

I have already sent a mail to the Support Team to help me out.

I’d be awaiting your help and suggestions.

Thank you.


If you already sent a ticket to support then you just have to wait. In most cases your problem is solvable. Make sure that ID is a government ID and have English translation.

You can also read forum posts with your problem by using search button, you are not the first one with this problem and you can learn a lot by reading those posts.



i was having same issue i captured qualitative pictures but it was not getting verified
then what i did is i captured pictures in sunlight yes and in sunlight there few things that you can see what sunlight otherwise you can’t see so just capture pictures in sunlight

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Thank you so much Marian. This gives me a lot of hope. Thank you

Thank you very much. I will keep that in mind. I appreciate this too. Thanks.

Am having the same problem now and my account got disabled after 3 tries,
is there anything i can do to restore it and try again?

Come on, you asked it 3 times already and all threads where you asked it already have answers.

But I will quote myself for you. :point_down:

No one else can help you and you can only wait for support to reply. Their current response time is around 10 days


Soryy it’s just because am so confused, some comments say that if you’re account got disabled after 3 tries you’ll not get it back , so i wanna make sure if someone really restored it or not.

Hello Reniak.

You will get it back. I tried mine 3 times before it was disabled. I simply followed the instruction that was given to me by the community.

Send a message to Fiverr Support Team. Wait for their reply. And they will extend it for you to try again.

But make sure you are using the right ID. GOVERNMENT ID.

I got mine back after this.


You’ve probably seen comments about accounts being banned after 3 warnings (for breaking the rules). It’s a different issue.


Thank you much ! this is so helpful

someone was talking about id verifiation , now the support just gave me another chance;
thank you

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yes contact with CS they will help you i was asked them if i become failed after three tries then what to do they were told me that you should contact with us then we will be able to help even you become failed.

This post is 25 days old - and, the OP had their issue resolved and answered.

I notice you are giving your “2 cents” on threads - and I hope you are not doing this because you think it will get you orders on Fiverr or somehow work in your favor. Only answer posts that you actually have something of worth to offer - and not old ones that have been answered already. All you are doing is mimicking what other posters said. Many new people to the site and forum do this because some YouTube channel or blog told them when you create a new account here to be “active in the forums” in order to get orders, level up, get impressions or clicks etc. That is all FALSE.