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My account retracted


Hi again,

Our Trust & Safety Team is currently reviewing your account, you will be notified once there’s a final resolution. For now, we ask that you complete any active orders you have with your buyers and wait for the review to conclude.

can you help how long they take…


We cannot provide an answer to that question, because we are not Fiverr Trust & Safety. If past experience from other users on this forum account for anything, the process will likely take as long as it takes. Fiverr will let you know when they have a final resolution – whenever that may be.


Normally they can give you an update within 24 hours.


Yes, I think they will give you an update within 24hours or at most 48 hours. Just make sure that you check your registered email frequently as well.


thank you so much for your kind information


i am update but i am not get final result


I believe this might be wrong.
They are replying on tickets within 48 hours but they do take their time when accounts being restricted.


Okay, noted. I think you are right.