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My account seller level 2 revoked and my account disabled [ARCHIVED]

Hi All,

I had my account with level2 seller ,however,today I submitted a request for the market place in regards need of some website service,and in replay I got three emails from Fiverrs

Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level Two status. Therefore, we have removed the Level Two badge from your account, along with the features that came with it.

There is nothing we would like more than to see you succeed on Fiverr, and truly hope that you’ll get back in the game soon. For more information, please contact our customer support team here:

Best of luck,

The Fiverr Team

and directly another 2 emails to revoke my account from level one then to disable my account ! then I contacted the support to check my case I got this response

(Fiverr Customer Support)
Feb 20, 3:34 PM

Thank you for contacting us. The account appears to have been disabled due to the misuse of the Buyer Request feature. This feature is to allow buyers to post requests to find specific services on the Marketplace. It is not to be used by sellers to promote their services to receive more orders. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore this account. Let us know if you require further assistance.

I replied to the support requesting to escalate my ticket as I never posted any request to promote my service but my request was that I need a service ,however,no response until now ,I didn’t get any warning as will in any regards before ,what I got directly revoking all levels down to disabling my account based in not true issue ,and I have in my account more than $2k not cleared yet to my Paypal,however ,I requested the support to check my request which I send today and they will see its regarding requesting help with diagrams ,nothing in the request to promote any service ,as I am working with Fiverrs since few years without any issues ,all what I am requested is to get help by the support and to escalate my case,any body had the same experience please share ,thanks for posting my issue

So what did you post in Buyer Request?

I need four diagrams to be done ,and I mentioned some technical specifications that’s it because I need the diagrams for my work,but I was hit by completely disabling my account based on marketing my service which is completely not correct and I asked the support to check the buyer request which I posted but the last response from them was what I included in my message here ,keeping on mind that I had more than 7 sales in Que ,I have more than $2k in my fiverrs not cleared yet ,and I have deadlines ,I am in level2 ,and I am with Fiverrs since few years ,nothing give me any advantage at least as a professional service to send me a warning ,I didnt get anything ,here the issue that I have build good reputation ,I have good business ,I have good revenue and I never violate policies unless if it happen while I am not aware and they should have warn me ,any body agree ?
However,now after few years ,am getting a message which might be automated even that we are sorry just because of the mentioned violation we can’t do any thing ,keeping in mind even if this is the case ,I should get a warning email ,at least because I am a loyal fiverr client !

but in my case I didnt market any service and if there is a real support whom can check what I posted they will see ,as I already asked for escalation but I got no response until now ,and I will never drop my case because the alligation of the automated system regarding marketing my service not correct because I didnt ,any input or questions ,every body is welcome ,becasue any body can be in my place ,now in the blaack spot ,nothing clear !

Do you have the exact wording you used in your post? It could just be that it appeared to be a marketing of your gig due to poorly chosen words, after all. I appreciate that it would feel very unfair with all the gross violations that take place daily there, but we need to see your exact post before we can help.

I don’t have access any more since this evening my account was completely disabled ,I agree with you that there are a lot of violations ,but in my case if I was violating I won’t open a topic here to see and know better how things handled by Fiverrs ,is it system checking ? or a human,however,what my brain recall that I advertise like this * I need some body to re-write few website diagrams
Using case diagram
Classes diagram
· Activities diagram
Sequencing diagram
this is related to e-commerce website,if you have question please contact me *
and I added my time line as I need it ASAP ,nothing more ,does sound that its advertising my service ?

still the way how they handld my account within few mnts level2 -level1 and to disable my account ,while there is many things going on in my account with other clients ,which is all according to Fiverrs policy which is not violated ,and I have deadline ,and when I post request to support am getting robot response !? any body from Fiverrs whom can contribute here ,I know that some body will tell me such things could be solved by the support ,but if the support doing me nothing and i am sure that I didnt advertise my service ,my money there was toward my studies which I didnt get to my pay pal even :frowning: ,and it was like fun for the system just to block my account and spoil my business around there ?

But I can still access your profile. You don’t have any gigs open, so maybe your gigs have been closed down. You are still able to use the forum and other facilities. If you’ve made a new Fiverr account to complain about this, that kinda makes sense, but further damages your cause.

You’re gonna have to wait for Customer Support to respond to you. If you got angry/abusive/whatever with them, then you’ve screwed your own pooch there. Your request looks fine, so I’m guessing there’s more here…

my account under user ID not this one ,this is a new account just created now to be able to post at the forum,my ticket number ,I cant access my account at all,btw,I am super professional and polite :slight_smile: not angry but surprised thats it and I wish to figure out whats the problem

Even if the buyer request post was a true violation, getting bumped from level 2 to disabled is not something CS would normally do. That makes me think one of two things is going on here. One is simply that there is more to it and if that’s the case, I can’t suggest anything since I don’t know what is missing. If there is more to it, you might want to just say that so you can get better advice here.

The other possibility is that it really is a misunderstanding. Even Customer Support has been known to reverse a decision if they are truly wrong. The thing is, you have to articulate the problem to them so carefully, honestly and so nicely to get anything done. That will take a lot of patience and writing to CS with calm, concise and clear questions. Pushing, being unclear, being dishonest or writing in anger won’t help you here so all I can recommend is trying again with that in mind.

Also, don’t keep opening new tickets or writing response after response. Ask them how to resolve this, use the name of the person you are dealing with, be nice and wait out the responses. You can’t rush it at this point.

Thanks for your response,but the only response from the support was this one

*Fiverr Customer Support)

Thank you for contacting us. The account appears to have been disabled due to the misuse of the Buyer Request feature. This feature is to allow buyers to post requests to find specific services on the Marketplace. It is not to be used by sellers to promote their services to receive more orders. Unfortunately, we are not able to restore this account. Let us know if you require further assistance.

I never been rude or angry at all ,its only feeling of losted because I got three emails within 5 minutes and my account get disable with a huge amount of money which is not cleared yet to Paypal and lot of orders need to be delivered that’s it as I am with Fiverrs since few years ,and I was wondering if some body has the same experience before

But what I understand from the CS message that they are done and cant help me ,any body can advice please ?

I understand what you are saying. Is there a name on the last reply you received? If not, it may be an entirely canned response and you should wait a couple more days before you try again. If it does have a name on it, try and write back and call the rep by name. Be very brief and simple. Try something like: Hello “name.” Thank you for letting me know what happened. I think there may be a misunderstanding. I am a seller, but I posted in Buyer Requests because I wanted to buy services. I enjoy selling on Fiverr very much and really need some help with what to do next. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Then wait as long as it takes to get a response, even if it’s a week. If you don’t get a response in a week, post your ticket number only once on their Facebook page and ask nicely for help. Perhaps they will reconsider. Perhaps they won’t but will give you directions for how to get your earned funds after the 45 day closed-account wait. Perhaps they will let you open a new account.

I understand that what you want most is to recover everything and it doesn’t hurt one bit to try. Your second priority probably needs to be recovery of your funds since normally Fiverr will let you have them if you’ve been honest in every detail and there are no other problems. Third would be to sell again one way or the other. That’s really all I can tell you. I’m not Fiverr staff but as a forum volunteer, I see a lot of posts about how to resolve things.

By the way, as far as orders to be delivered, it is doubtful you can do anything about that no matter what. Fiverr would have cancelled open orders when they closed your account. Even if they restore it, those are most likely lost. I’m sorry, but cancellations do happen for a ton of reasons and sometimes you just have to manage it. I’ve had to cancel over a dozen orders at a time because of illness and it lost me buyers and money. In this case, even if it’s circumstance, that part probably isn’t fixable.

So, what happened? Your forum username now shows level 2, although it looks a bit odd.

I think it was some other reason. This account was opened this month but it is showing level 2 on the forum which is odd. There are lots of people who misuse the buyer request feature. Something is being left out of the story, such as posting an email address or something similar.