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My account showing offline


I am active in my account and also settings are ok but my account is still in offline. what I do?


If you have checked everything and refreshed your browser it will probably be due to the recurrent problem that affects everyone from time to time.


Fiverr must be playing again with its toys… :roll_eyes:

I also show up as being offline :frowning_face:


If after all this I’m still showing offline I just log out and log back in.


I did that and came back to life for a few seconds then… back to the catacombs :roll_eyes:

It happens evey once in a while, not much to do but to wait.


I was trying it but not worked.:sweat:


Bad luck :cold_sweat:


please visit my profile. maybe you can find my problems



Ok, I will try.:slightly_smiling_face:


I did that but it’s worked.:pensive:


same thing is happening with me, when i open my fiverr app on mobile then i see myself online. whats going on with fiverr, is this a BUG?