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My account temporarily disabled :(

Few days ago fiverr wanted to Verify my ID and i was ill and far from my house. So that I failed to submit documents on time. That’s why my account is temporarily disabled.
I contracted fiverr support 3 days ago but they haven’t respond.
What should I do now.

Hi there, in order to assure the customer support of your credibility, you were meant to provide the required document in time.

Nevertheless, due to COVID-19 restrictions, which has affected the way businesses operate, it takes longer time to receive feedbacks from the support officer. Resolutions are attended to in the order that they come and it may be up to 10 days in some extreme cases for it to reach your turn.

Kindly make sure you have the required document ready, have some patience and wait till you’re replied. Then you would be granted access. Cheers!


Will fiverr give me another chance for verification?

Hopefully fiverr support will give you another chance. Please communicate with fiverr support.

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Wait for them to respond.


It’s been 12days fiverr haven’t respond. What should I do?

It can happen regarding the Covid situation. Stay calm and wait a few more days and be ready to provide what they need.

Finally Today I got my account back.
Thanks everyone.
Happy freelancing :blush:

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I am facing exactly the same issue. How many days did it take to reply?
And do you have submitted your Id and Selfie again?

these days it takes around 10-15 days for fiverr to respond. when they respond submit your selfie and the through the ticket ( CS )

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Can you give me some idea about the images? I mean what should be the image resoulation?

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The resolution is not generally the case here. ( it can be any )

Though , your image should be of high quality and should be clearly visible [ in both the case of and the selfie. ]

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Thanks for the info. Hope it will help me.

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Thanks my get verified 2 days ago. I am very happy by Fiverr CS behavior as they helped me a lot.