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MY account was banned

Hi, so today my account got deactivated. My children introduced me on Fiverr and i wanted to buy a gig from my daughter. after that my account was disabled. I want to know how this can violate the TOS? or it is maybe because we connected from the same WIFI and the robot thinked different? anyway i can show whatever documents needed. i posted from another account a support request and i know they will answer my questions but i feel bad for what happend so i wanted to ask another people about this. Thanks


Why is your account being banned? You can check your email.

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It seems like a planned transaction and that is against TOS,
Now you have another account and its also against fiverr TOS…

Here is what TOS says ,
“Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.”


So you as a buyer wanted to purchase a gig belonging to your daughter? All though the situation isn’t unheard of, Fiverr may have viewed this as some type of manipulation to game the system for reviews.


but it s strange to get ban for this no ? it didn’t told me in the email because it only said i violated the TOS. and yes i buyed from my daugher, i was thinking that is ok since we usually do this kind of thing without using fiverr. but now i saw it as a good thing. that s why i hoped that i would get some answers

also thanks for answering so fast ! it really gets my hopes up.

Yes but this apply only if one person have multiple accounts right? my case is not the same and i can prove that with anything they need, now i just hope they will understand this.

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Even if your old account is disabled, you need to have permission from fiverr CS to open new account…
When they suspend account , it means you are banned from fiverr…Its not that only your old account is banned…
Its more like they actually ban you from using fiverr, so you need have have permission from CS for new account as well !

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i made a new account just to write a support ticket . my daughter account will be safe? i know you can t really answer this questions but this situation it s kinda depressing

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Did you placed order ?
It should be safe, because if they were to take action they may have already taken !
Try to void this kind of things for future, Read TOS to make it clear for you!

They responded and now the account is permanently banned, i had asked if i can make a new account or not and i do hope they will let me make a new one. thanks for the quick answers.

I think NO. Fiverr CS usually don’t allow you to open a new account as you have violated TOS. They are very strict about TOS.

well they banned both account, i can’t belive it. it didn t even asked me for proof documents. that means if there are 2 people in same family that sell services it’s against the rules? how can this happen…

It is against TOS unfortunately and on top of that you also tried to manipulate the system with buying reviews for your daughter.

Not much to do here, fiverr is quite strict with their rules.
Usually if two family members want to open accounts they have to ask CSS permission and offer different services otherwise fiverr might think that it’s the same person who has 2 accounts

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