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My Account Was Deleted! HELP


Fiverr has been causing me nothing but grief the past 2 months. I relocated overseas and during this time my account dropped from Level Two to Seller, even though I made sure I took the correct steps to ensure this wouldn’t happen. On 15th June I was finally able to reach Level One again.
Now my account is deleted.

I am being told the following
“As explained previously, your account was disabled after our system has brought to our attention irregular activity originating from your electronic location. After further review, we noticed that you may have abused the referral program by spamming other users, so we’ve permanently disabled your account for violations of our Terms of Service.”

This makes no sense at all. I have sent out maybe 10 referral emails ever. I really need to get back in my account as I no longer work a day job. I planned to use Fiverr as a main source of income. I have been on here for 4 years and have been treated with the utmost disrespect by the Fiverr CS team. This is unacceptable and I am beyond livid. Does anyone have any advice for me here?

I am hoping maybe after posting this they will see and re-activate my account.

We are buyers and sellers on the forum so nobody other than Customer Support can help you with this. Their link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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That really sucks, hope they will restore your account back.

I guess every referral program is based on spamming, because you just sent emails to others and I guess that is annoying and irrelevant for 99%, thus it could be count as ‘spam referral program’.

Also, the staff rarely appear on the forum. You should contact them by creating a ticket.

I did create a ticket. That was the response they gave me.
Every referral email I sent out came back though… So how is that spam? If they got more users from my emails? Not a single email was not accepted.

Thanks I guess???..

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May I ask what action you took to prevent your account from being closed?

I’m moving overseas permanently in October. So far, I have email confirmation from my alt-Fiverr platform saying basically that there isn’t an issue. With Fiverr, however, there does seem to be a large volume of sellers whom report accounts being deactivated on changing location.

At present, I have a 4G mobile router with 50GB in credit to last me a week while on the move before I get a permanent Internet connection in my new residence. This means that I will be hopping between at least 3 IP addresses and network providers, over the course of a 2-week period.

How exactly did you go about planning your move?

  • Did you notify Fiverr in advance and get a personal (non-cookie cutter response?)
  • Did you receive any advice from Fiverr regarding your planned move (whether to put your account in out of office mode etc)
  • Was your level reduced because you moved (and changed IP) or because of late/missed deliveries and messages in the process

My current plan is to notify Fiverr. However, I will be loath to start working again on Fiverr after my move if there is even a slight risk of Fiverr closing my account anyway and running with any earnings pending clearance.